My favourite Pancakes

Hey guys 🙂

this post is going to be about my all time favorite Breakfast,



So simple, so good, here enjoyed with banana & date syrup
the ingredients 🙂
no oil or butter needed 🙂


This recipe will make really thick and doughy pancakes, if you prefer „crepe“ like thin pancakes leave out the oats and add more liquid 🙂


Serves one hungry person 😉

60g Whole wheat flour

30g Oatmeal

1 Tbsp Baking powder & a splash of baking soda

150 ml water or milk (sparkling works best)

Vanilla & Cinnamon 🙂 the more the yummier

optional: Fruit (Blueberries are my fav)  & Sweetener of choice


  1. Mix all the ingredients listed and let it sit for 5 min
  2. heat a non- stick pan to medium heat
  3. add 2-3 tbsp of the mixture to the pan – no butter or oil required
  4. When i’m using fruits i like to add them now to the pan just 1 min. before flipping, i do the same if i’m using chocolate (spread) or peanut butter 🙂
  5. when the pancakes gets bubbles & look similar to the picture- flip & wait for another minute 🙂

I love eating this with heated berries & soy yogurt, bananas & maple syrup, applesauce, chocolate spread etc. the options are endless 🙂

I really love to add smacktastic flavor powder to my base as its so versatile & i can create so many different flavor combinations 🙂 I shop mine here:

*If you are into protein powder, feel free to add 20-30g of your favorite vegan vanilla protein 🙂

The final product 🙂

I love this recipe soooo much that i literally eat it every day 😛

I hope you like it too!! please let me know what you think & tag me in your creations on Instagram 🙂

Have a great day 🙂


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