Vegan Weight Loss

Almost every women has been on several diets during her entire life.

Most diets are based on the principles of  focussing on high protein foods, eliminating carbohydrates or to cut on portion sizes. Trying different diets that help achieving the „Dream Body“ can be really tought and frustrating.

A low carb diet will never satisfy the needs for the body in long run. Every cell of our bodies is running on glucose. Specially for the brain glucose is from major importance & directly linked to brain functions 🙂

There is no need to „starve“ our bodies in order to look a certain way, this is by far not healthy and I think nobody should do so.

I personally don’t like strict diets. In my opinion it is all about implementing healthy, delicious dietary choices that help you achieve your optimal well being 🙂



SHOCKING VEGAN STUDY 😉 a little bit of Science 

A study in New Zealand found out that people following a LOW – FAT PLANT- BASED DIET (7-15% of total calories from fat)  has been shown to naturally achieve optimal outcomes for heart disease and weight loss. After 6 month on this diet people lost an average amount of 12 kg. They were asked to focus their foods on WHOLE GRAINSVEGETABLES, FRUITS & LEGUMES. People were asked to eat until satiation and not count calories. 

Besides this awesome weight loss people reported an INCREASE IN QUALITY OF LIFE 🙂 I think this one is really important as it involves mental & physical happiness 🙂

Patients were asked to avoid refined oils (e.g. olive or coconut oil) and animal products (meat, fish, eggs and dairy products). They discouraged high-fat plant foods such as nuts and avocados, and highly processed foods.

„This program led to significant improvements in BMI, cholesterol and other risk factors. To the best of our knowledge, this research has achieved greater weight loss at 6 and 12 months than any other trial that does not limit energy intake or mandate regular exercise. “

you can read about this amazing study here: 🙂


Taken what we just have learned to account 🙂

I looooove to start my meals with a big green Salad & finish my meals with an apple or some oranges 🙂 feel free mix up everything here, no matter if eaten raw or cooked 🙂

Eat as much as you like from the following 🙂
Potatoes are the most filling food compared to total Calories consumed


Oats, Whole wheat pasta, Rice, Quinoa, Couscous, Spelt, Corn etc.


everything from Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Spinach, Broccoli, Peppers, Lettuce etc.

Fill up on Vegetables, make sure to consume in big quantities daily


Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, Raspberries, Oranges, Grapefruits, Grapes etc.


Chickpeas, Red Lentils, Kidney beans, Peas etc.

Bild Nr. 2c Rhöndorf Frische
EAT MORE, WEIGHT LESS Fruits & Vegetables


Things to Avoid:  Oils & Isolated Fat sources (including Coconut Oil, Olive oil etc. and all kind of Animal foods (meats, diary products,cheese, fish & eggs)

Limit for maximal results: Avocados, Nuts, Seeds &  processed vegan products like fake meats etc. 🙂

The Key for longterm success is to fill up on A LOOOT of these healthy foods mentioned above to make sure that you have enough energy to sustain and life a happy life 🙂

Feel free to Contact me if you have further Questions 🙂

With love,

Franca XX ❤


This is a really helpful booklet from one of my favourite doctors, you can download this for free to always check up which foods to eat & which foods to avoid 🙂

Traffic Light Approach by Dr. John Mc Dougall:

Klicke, um auf Dr-McDougalls-Color-Picture-Book1.pdf zuzugreifen




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