Potato Fries

Today its all about my favourite way to eat Potatoes 🙂

In our house, this is one of the rare things everyone loves!! My family and I we all are really picky eaters and usually never agree when it comes to food and taste.. 😀

I always have precooked potatoes in my fridge, just because when im hungry im usually really huuuuuungry and can not wait for the food to get ready!!! 😛

*UPDATE* I am very happy that i am owning an air fryer now!! A total gamechanger, i promise!! I’m using it daily to make my mushrooms, oil free fries, or my beloved bread rolls!! I also tried and heated frozen Pizza haha, who needs an oven when you can have an air fryer 😛 😛 ❤


This recipe is great for weight loss/ fatloss since potatoes are a perfect, super satisfying low calorie food if you avoid all the added oils & fats


Serves one*

600g precooked Potatoes

Salt to taste + your favourite Ketchup/ Sauce, i loooooove “ Asia Sauce“ if you know me, you know that im really obsessed with this 😀 i eat it with literally everything


  1. Preheat your oven to 190 degrees
  2. Line a baking sheet with Parchement paper
  3. Cut your Potatoes in preferred shape & put on baking sheet
  4. Put in the oven and leave for about 20-30 mins, this really depends on your oven – 🙂 keep en eye on the potatoes, as they burn pretty fast in the end
  5. I’ve got the best results, seasoning the potatoes after baking!! I love to add garlic flakes, salt, sweet paprika and onion powder 🙂


*When I’m working out i easily eat 800g or even more than 1kg of potatoes, this is really depending on appetite and stomach capacity, as potatoes are extremely filling

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