Protein Powders, Supplements, Vegan Diet – my opinion

Hey Lovelies 🙂

Its time for another and in my opinion very important blogpost.

Since the whole internet is full of protein supplements, protein snack bars, protein pastas etc. here are some facts & my opinion about the great Protein 🙂


Proteins are large molecules consisting of several amino acids residues which take part in different reactions in the body, like building & maintaining muscle mass.

There are 23 amino acids important for humans from which 9 are essential. Essential means that the body can not synthesize them completely by itself & they should be part of the diet. These 9 essential amino acids include phenylalanine,  valine,  threonine,  tryptophan,  methionine, leucine, isoleucine,  lysine, and histidine* (histidine is not synthesized in adults).

Plant protein sources are often referred to as ‚less complete‘ which means that they don’t contain all of the essential amino acids. This is mostly referred to the amino acid Lysine which is found in lower quantity in Grains like Wheat, Rice, etc..  Plants which are rich in Lysine & all other essential amino acids include Soy products, Beans, Lentils, Cauliflower, Quinoa, Peas etc. Other Protein sources on a Vegan diet include Whole Wheat Pastas, Potatoes, Rice, Oatmeal, broccoli, Spinach etc.

It was believed for along time that we need to combine different protein sources in a meal in order to make it a full amino acid profile, which was debunked by the scientific nutrition community decades ago. Check out this video for more information 🙂

Dietary Guidelines recommend 0.8 grams of protein for each kilo of body weight per day. For a women with 60 kg this would make around 48grams of protein. For Athletes it is recommend to eat a little more around 1gram of Protein per Kilo bodyweight and for professional athletes it is recommend to eat around 1.2 gram of bodyweight (ex. people training for Olympia, Triathlon etc.)

Most people in the western world eat around 100-130g of protein per day without even noticing, which is almost double the amount we actually need, even if we all were athletes.

When eating a healthy diet, even going vegan or vegetarian it is almost impossible to suffer from protein malnutrition (except if eating only dates for a long time;)). There even have been studies showing that if we would only eat half of our protein needs our bodies wouldn’t suffer from any problems when we eat enough calories in general 🙂

If you still feel the need to make extra sure your getting enough of everything adding a vegan protein powder perfectly does the job. 🙂 I would recommend a raw fermented protein with a base of rice & pea or hemp for a more wholesome version. There is one i actually really like from Sunwarrior 🙂 I tried many brands but coming up with flavor and ingredients, this one in Chocolate is my favorite!!

Another Brand having great supplements is Vivo Life. They have their own certificate of VGANIC of 100% vegan and non gmo based products which are tested for heavy metals, pesticide/fungicide free and backed up by science! I can not wait to try and make pancakes with their flavors 🙂

More protein = more weightloss?/ more muscles? / better health?

Weightloss?  No – if you want to loose weight calorie deficit is important rather then protein intake  -> check out my post about weightloss                                                

More muscles? Calories & weight training are your friends!! If you want to build muscle, specially if you want to build muscle & gain weight eating slightly above your caloric needs will help you.

Better Health? – NO!! This is the most important NO in my opinion. While eating enough protein is very good for health & wellbeing eating too much protein can actually harm your body in different ways.

My Protein intake

I personally don’t stress at all about my protein intake. When i track my calories I am always between 80g & 120g depending on my caloric intake that day 🙂 around 10% -25% (never more than 30%) of total calories.

Since I am following a mostly starch based diet my meals are generally quiet high in protein 🙂 I do like to use lentil pasta and protein powders here and there when i feel like it, specially when i am exercising i like to make myself some protein pancakes ( afterwards.

How much protein is in our foods?

100g Whole wheat pasta: 14g protein

500g Potatoes: 8g protein

100g dry Lentils: 27g protein

100g Tofu: 14g protein

1 cup soy milk: 7g protein

100g Broccoli: 3g protein

100g Chicken breast: 30g protein

1 Serving Protein powder: 16-25g (depending on the brand)

My favorite sides to read about Nutrition:

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