Body Ideals

I used to obsess over my body type.

I got inspired by super skinny instagram models which are probably 20cm smaller than me.. super skinny bodies with many followers and likes. I was very young, too young to know what I was doing to my body.

Too young to realize that those people sacrifice their life and health for an artificial skinny body. I used to think being skinny means being beautiful. Having a healthy mind is beautiful. Being self confident is sexy. There is no need to be skinny in order to be beautiful. Everybody is beautiful because beauty comes from within, from the love we have for ourselves and the people around us. Please always remember that Instagram is not real life. Magazines and celebrities are not real. Look behind the make up artists, photographers and photoshop. This is not a natural look for most of us, many hours of exercise and a very very low calorie diet for a very long time which has nothing to do with a happy life.

Those low calorie diets can destroy your body, you will have a weakened immune system, fragile bones which can lead to Osteoporosis at a very young age. You can loose your menstrual cycle and even your fertility. You can suffer from growth and developmental issues, specially when you are in your teenager years. Your hair will fall out and your nails will be brittle, your skin will be dry and easily irritated. You will be constantly low on energy and fighting with easy daily tasks like going to school/ work or meeting friends. Your body will fight with infections and the risk of surgical complications is increased. Not to speak about the mental wellbeing. Depression is common in these low calorie dieters and there is no energy for workouts and relationships.

Does that sound good to you? Does that sound like a healthy lifestyle? I don’t think so… and I hope you are with me. Please get help if you feel like you are struggling with a healthy relationship with food and exercise. What helped me a lot was to learn more about nurition and which foods are actually helping the body to heal and become more beautiful. I can only recommend reading the book from Dr Greger on „How not to die“. This is the book which helped me the most regarding my relationship with food.

Feel free to contact me any time

XX Franca

trust me when I say being the skinniest in the room won’t make you the happiest.

This is an illusion.. ❤

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